• David Finch

    Craftsman, artisan, and 'Renaissance man' David Finch, works in a variety of mediums. He is an experienced designer, artist, and builder. Recognizing the care, skill, and love that goes into everything David creates; people are often deeply affected when they see and handle his work.


    David's original bentwood style of crafting a wood ring came into being after he was injured on the job (steel fabricating) and then recovering from extensive spinal surgery. Never one to sit idly, he started 'fiddling' with what was in front of him; chunks of firewood, pieces of wood too interesting to put on the fire. From this period in David's life came an eclectic and beautiful collection of hand-carved wooden spoons, bowls, backscratchers, keepsake containers, and most notably our wooden rings. From their humble beginnings as a therapeutic activity, David's meticulously crafted and naturally beautiful wood rings became our primary focus.

    A wooden ring is now a pretty commonplace green alternative to precious metals and gemstones. The quality and beauty of David's work, however, are anything but commonplace.  

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    Nicola Finch

    Nicola has a background in theatre as a visual and performing artist, writer, and director and has worked in health care and non-profit management. An avid genealogist; Nicola's ongoing labour of love is researching and writing stories of family. 'Remember Me is the story of her Great Uncle Charley Bailey gleaned mostly from his WW1 letters home.

    Nicola is a Death Doula with a particular interest in education and death literacy. She also advocates for Natural Burial Grounds in British Columbia and promotes community and family-led deathcare. Nicola manages our online gallery, social media, and email communications.

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    Our off-grid life

    We live on 48 acres, off-grid in the Central Interior of British Columbia. We're responsible for all our own services; roads, power, sewer, water, heat; it's a good life, and not without its challenges. We have excellent satellite internet but no cell service. We have a gravity-fed irrigation system. We plow our own roads and keep our solar panels turned toward the sun, we cook on a wood stove; that kind of thing.


    We strive to live simply. Our work is a reflection of our values as much as it is a means of supporting ourselves. We believe in 'right livelihood'.


    "Right Livelihood embodies the principle that each person should follow an honest occupation that fully respects other people and the natural world. It means being responsible for the consequences of our actions and taking only a fair share of the earth's resources. Right Livelihood is about sustaining a lifestyle that values simplicity and contentment. We do our utmost to cause no harm to people or the environment.


    We have never had any illusions that our wooden rings would change the world, but each wood ring we make means perhaps, that a little less gold or another diamond is not mined. Here's a comment from one of our very first clients: "I cannot tell you how delighted I was to stumble across your beautiful eco-friendly work in the process of looking for the perfect ring and I am excited to share my "discovery" with others. Kudos to you for starting a revolution in the jewelry industry!"


    Ours is a slower lifestyle by necessity and by design. We manage our 48 acres in a sustainable way which means, for the most part, leaving the natural world to do what it does best and encouraging a healthy ecosystem.

    If you want to know more about us, we're all over the interweb. Well, I am. David is quieter, but you will find him on Facebook; his posts are public. He is a wonderful writer and photographer and has been documenting our life here on the Chilcotin Plateau for the past few decades. You might enjoy visiting our Homestone Blog which we began in July of 2005 as a way to stay connected with our families and our Touch Wood friends. And do have a look around our Warmth of Wood Blog where you'll find great stories from Touch Wood clients and friends. We invite you to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Pinterest.

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