• Touch Wood Rings

    Better for the Planet. Good for the Soul.

    Custom hand-crafted wooden rings by David Finch; Pioneer of the bentwood ring.  

    Every Touch Wood Ring is commissioned and custom made. We look forward to hearing what you envision.

    For more than two decades, Touch Wood Rings has offered a socially just and environmentally sustainable alternative to precious metals and gemstones. David's wooden rings are meticulously handcrafted, durable, warm to the touch & light to wear.


    Every Touch Wood Ring is a commissioned piece; custom-designed by you. Each ring is individually hand-made by David to your specifications. We have no 'rings in stock' preferring to create exactly what you want. We work with you all the way. David uses recycled wood and branch wood to craft his rings. We don't work with exotic hardwoods or processed veneers.


    'We' are David and Nicola Finch. We believe that wearing a wood ring speaks volumes about your commitment to the environment and to the concept of simple living. We wish to express our tremendous thanks to all the people whose Touch Wood Rings you see displayed in our gallery and throughout our website and on social media - they are a part of these creations and awesome individuals, one and all.


    Wearing a handcrafted Touch Wood Ring will delight your fingers as well as your soul! We look forward to working with you to create a wooden ring you will love and feel good about wearing or giving.


    Welcome to Touch Wood Rings, and thanks for dropping by.

    With warmest regards, Nicola & David

    Wedding Ceremony of Annalise and Jie with their Touch Wood Rings

    Over the past 20+ years, David has custom made thousands of wooden rings for folks all over the world. The examples we share on our website are a small sampling of woods and design possibilities. We invite you to Dream, Design, and Delight the one you love with a hand-crafted Touch Wood Ring.

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  • Kind words from lovely people

    Touch Wood Ring Reviews

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    From Katrine and Martin

    Our rings have been smothered in praise (that’s not an over-statement!) and they're a delight to wear.

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    From Angela and Pam

    We want to thank you so much for all the effort and beautiful work that y'all put into our rings.
    The surprise was awesome. She loved it and so did the family. We can't thank you enough.

    Jason for Elissa ~ Walnut, Juniper and Lapis

    From Jason

    Please send my regards to David and thank him for such beautiful work! As well as yourself for being so communicative throughout the whole experience/process. You both were wonderful to do business with and I will definitely recommend your rings to others. Thanks again so much!

    Edwin's Oak Ring with featured knot

    From Edwin

    "It occurs to me this evening that I never e-mailed to inform you that I received my ring....apologies. IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I am very impressed with David's work and grateful to have this piece of art for my wedding ring. Thank you both so much. With great appreciation and admiration,"

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    From Maggie Mae

    I just wanted to follow up with you to let you know that I finally gave the ring to Bekah. It was the most magical moment, and she just LOVES it. Thank you so much for all your help along the way, you truly made the whole experience something special. You'll always play a part in our journey. Bless you and David and all you stand for.

    Marcie and Travis

    From Travis and Marcie

    "We send our love and unparalleled gratitude to you. I proposed at the top of our mountain and like I had hoped, she absolutely adored the ring that David so finely crafted!

    We have been on Cloud 9 since our engagement! Both you and David are truly wonderful people and your hearts shine through the work that you do. I am so unbelievably grateful with getting to know you; the memory of the process and your warm thoughtfulness will always stay in our hearts.

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    From Matty and Leesa

    Matty and I recently got married in Hawaii and we wanted to send you a few pics of the rings. We are thrilled to have them out and about​​! They are comfortable and beautiful and we love them so.

    Thank you for being an important part of our union. ... we brought the Hawaiian Koa wood back to its homeland for a visit :) We absolutely love the rings and, of course, they fit us like they have always been a natural part of our bodies. Thank so much! From our hearts to yours. Matty and Leesa."