I am happy to say the ring has arrived and I love the way it turned out. It is exactly what I had in mind. Thanks again for making this such an easy process and giving such good advice for a perfect ring.

We just want to let you know the koa wedding rings you made for us arrived yesterday. We absolutely love them and have to stop ourselves from trying them on all the time. They feel lovely and are very light and comfortable to wear. The colour and size of both of them are just perfect. Thank you once again for the superb craftsmanship and fantastic customer service.

Hello Nicola and David,  The rings arrived yesterday, and they are absolutely beautiful!  They are perfect - exactly what we wanted.   The woods are really wonderful, so rich and lustrous!  I have attached some photos of the engagement ring in  situ in its new home :).  Thanks to you both so much again for everything - I will definitely be spreading the good word about Touch Wood Rings... (although the rings really speak for themselves :D )  Hope you are both well, and best wishes and good luck  for everything that you do!

Thank you so much for the absolutely beautiful rings! They are just so lovely - very delicate and so light, yet so strong too.  I absolutely love the cherry lining in mine (D's a bit envious of that, but he also loves the grain of the oak inside and out on his ring).  Thank you for the lovely presentation card - what a fabulous way of sending them!  I also liked the information sheet, with the stuff about gold mining - that was very interesting reading, and brings it home how easy it is to just go out and buy gold without a thought, as the shops are so full of it.  We are thrilled to have our wedding rings made of such a beautiful material, and when we look at them we will be reminded that two people halfway across the world put such a lot of care and attention into making them especially for us.  So unique, and so much better than choosing one off the shelf from a shop.  People refer to 'precious metals'….. I know which I consider to be more precious! 

Fortunately I get home from work before her and found the rings waiting for me. I would just like to say what a wonderful job you have done with the rings.  They are absolutely beautiful and so wonderfully crafted. Thank you very much for your dedication and passion in their creation.

Wow!  Amazing.  Beautiful.  I love it.  I'm so happy with the ring and my decision to work with you guys.  I'll let you know about the reaction once I pop the question.  I can only imagine it will be delight.  Thank you so much. 

We received our rings Saturday and they are spectacular.  I also loved the sweet packaging you created.  It's the little things that count with me.  I had no idea you two are such die hard environmentalists.  Your ideology stands dear to my heart.

Thanks for everything!  He loved his ring and coincidentally his snowboard is made of the same two woods as the ring!  It was a win all the way around and it will certainly be a constant reminder of our honeymoon in Kauai.  Did I tell you that we were coming here? Or was David's intuition just that good?   Connection- Koa wood native to the Hawaiian Islands (Just in case you didn't have your coffee yet)  All the best and thank you so much again.

Dear David and Nicola, Thank you so much for the wonderful rings!  We have been so in awe over the last few days that we forgot to email you.  The package arrived perfectly sound, and what a nice presentation it was.  So personal and well protected. It seems like you really enjoy the experience of creating these rings.  In the near future when we get a chance, there will be some pics on the way from us.  We appreciate your hard work and amazing artwork. 

It is strange to see a small bit of my life etched, however lightly, in your gallery. I hold ring in hand and can say your photos do not quite do it justice.  I had no intention of purchasing such a ring.  Somehow surfing the web lead me to your site, where your gallery quickly convinced me to consider contacting you.  I have gone on a buying spree of rings lately and am proud to add this one, the last purchase, to what I have.  As I said, your gallery does not quite do justice to your creations.  The Spruce resonates with light as one turns the ring.  Both you and David provide a wonderful product, including the "in process" pictures (which, of course, is also a way to create trust that the purchase is for real).  To share such talent is what creation is all about.

Hi.  I'm just writing to let you know how incredibly beautiful the ring is to see completed and in person!  I can't wait to show it off, but I have to keep it a secret for a couple more months... I know he will love it!  I really wanted to thank you two again for all the hard work and craftsmanship you put into this ring, it's exactly what I was hoping for... Now I'm starting to think I need a wood ring too! Thanks so much, p.s.- don't be surprised if I'm back for another one!

My ring is GORGEOUS! I couldn't be happier with it!  It is so delicate and beautiful. (It is hard to believe that you could make such a tiny ring, David.) It fits perfectly and looks terrific on my hand. The black walnut and birdseye maple are really stunning together. I love it. Thank you so much.

His ring arrived at the end of last week.  It is beautiful!  He is wearing it and loves it.  It is amazing how little it weighs.  Again, thank you so much for everything.  You will probably hear from us again.  It looks as if I will be getting a matching band in the future. 

Dear David and Nicola,  Thank you for my beautiful ring, G. proposed to me on Friday.  I was absolutely delighted and the ring is just perfect.  Thank you once again for all the work, warmth and love you put into making it.  Kind regards

Dear friends,  Well what can we say? The rings are just beautiful - the colour's are perfect! It's been so much fun deliberating over designs with you guys (in your solar powered idyll thousands of miles away!) We're going to print all the 'work in progress' pictures you took for us and put them in the wedding album (along with your lovely cards).  The worst thing is we've got to wait seven months before we can wear the rings!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!  You are so incredibly on top of things.  This is customer service that I have rarely seen!  So thanks for all your time and energy!  The ring,  is so beautiful.  My husband loves it, it is perfect.  We will treasure this for a long time.

There are many more stories, comments and photos of rings published on our Meadow Ranch Website.  Please feel welcome to visit our Warmth of Wood Blog and our meadow ranch Customer Comments page

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Nicola & David Finch ~ email: nicola@touchwoodrings.com
Please put 'touch wood' or 'wood rings' as the subject of your email.  Thanks! 
Our mailing address is Box 4744, Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada V2G 2V7
Touch Wood RIngs
I am sooo happy with the ring, the attention to detail and craftsmanship is outstanding!  R is over the moon with it and has not taken it off yet :)  We have recommenced you two several times to our equally impressed friends, so you may get some interest in the near future.  Thank you very much for your help!

My wife gave me a ring created by you and I have to say I am amazed by it. It was truly a wonderful gift.  It truly is a work of art.

I received my ring yesterday, and it is beautiful. I want to thank you both for all the wonderful work you did on the ring and for getting it out to me so quickly. I brought it to work today and all my co-workers were so amazed by it. I told them about your web site.

Our rings are beautiful; true works of art. We both love them!  They really capture a lot of the essence of our relationship: light, gentle, but with a core of strength and solidity. And the contrast of willow and stone against black walnut is perfect - exactly what I had hoped. Thank you so much for all of your hard work in crafting these rings. Although Charley and are are 1500 miles apart for now, I feel like the rings give us a tangible symbol of our connection. we often send snapshots of them back and forth, just as little reminders. =) Anyway, we are both very grateful to you for your craftsmanship and artistry, and are recommending you to all of our friends!

Dear David & Nicola, Just wanted to Thank You for our wood rings.  They are beautiful and we love them!  We mentioned this before, but thank you for the work you do.  You offer a great alternative to gold and we strongly stand against the environmental impacts on communities around the world due to mining.  We believe in leading a sustainable life and the rings are a wonderful way to explain to folks the "true" price of gold.  Someday we hope to teach our children about living a simple life and pass our wedding bands onto them as well.

The ring arrived today.  I am extremely excited.  The final product appears to be exactly what I had in mind - even though I probably didn't express it very clearly.  You took my jumbled list of specifications and turned it into a fantastic ring.  Thank you for creating such a special piece.  I am grateful.

I got the ring today and was really impressed.   She is incredibly happy with the ring, and loves the grain of the wood.  We both like the idea of having something different as well for the way of jewelry.  Anyway, I’d just like to say thank you again.  I was also very impressed with how fast everything was and how easy!

Dear David and Nicola ~ We wanted to write and let you know that we received our rings.  They are even more beautiful than the pictures showed.  All three of the rings are beautifully crafted.

I received the ring a few days ago and its beautiful!!!  David truly is an artist!   I gave my girlfriend the ring on her birthday last week.....  And she loved it!  Thanks once again to the both of you for your beautiful work and the speed with which you were able to deliver it!  Kind regards.
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Hi Nicola and David ~  The rings are absolutely beautiful and we love them!  Thanks so much for doing such a wonderful job.  The experience in working with you to create these has been a great one.  We really appreciate all of your attention and care you put into these.  We've already showed them off to several friends and everyone loves them.  You do such a great job and create such beautiful rings.  Keep up the good work!  Take care and God bless......
Men's Oak and greyed maple Commitment Rings
We got the rings today!  They are gorgeous and we are thrilled!  I have to put them in the back of my drawer so that we won't be tempted to wear them before the big day. They are just exactly what we wanted.  You are a beautiful artist David and beautiful people.  I truly admire what you are doing and I admire your lifestyle. Thank you for being a part of our journey.
koa and zebra wood rings
She absolutely loves it!  So do I, and everyone else that has seen it.  In her words, it is the most beautiful thing anyone has ever given her.  I have gotten much kudos for this ring, but all the credit goes to you all, of course.  I was lucky enough to stumble into your web site.  So, thank you guys so much.  Not only have you made a beautiful ring that we will enjoy forever, but you have been so pleasant to work with and it is good to know that (my beloved's) ring was made by loving hands.
greyed maple and koa with a cherry liner
Let me begin by saying that pictures do not do these rings justice! The pictures you send help to give an idea of the finished product, but one can't conceive of the intricacy and delicacy of these rings without first holding them! I am SO delighted with them!Thank you so much for all your time and communications between us. I'm happy to know you and pleased that there are people who still have the imagination to see that true beauty is in all things natural!!! Many warm thoughts and blessings.
cherry wood lined koa rings with oak bands
Ethical Lord of the Rings     as featured on Hippy Shopper ~ Ethical Comsumerism.  "Diamonds, Gold and other commonly-used metals often come from war-torn regions or are mined using labour practices we would not subject our own kids to. You want to find that special, unique ring without screwing up the planet and your fellow humans, so what to do? Well I just got a Black Walnut wooden ring  from Touchwood rings and I have to say it is a beauty. Made from sustainable wood they work tirelessly with you to create the perfect ring you seek. Each ring is as unique as the trees themselves. I just can't stop staring at mine. My preciousssss indeed! " [written by Cityhippy]
The ring is absolutely gorgeous!!  It's even prettier than in the pictures that you sent.  I am amazed at how "delicate" and intricate it looks yet how durable it is.  Everyone who I told about it when I was in the decision making process was very impressed to see the final results today.  I will definitely be referring anyone who's interested in a great alternative to a "traditional" ring to your website.
My husband was really happy with the ring also.  He was telling me that he hasn't seen me admire or be so excited over a piece of jewlery since he gave me my wedding rings!   Thank you so much for such a beautiful creation.  The process of desigining this ring, the research, talking with you, and of course the final masterpiece is something I will cherish for a lifetime.  Thank you again for everything. 
I just wanted to write and tell you how much we are enjoying the unique wooden ring  you crafted.  I have shown it off about a hundred times since the wedding.  It makes a nice conversation piece . Most everyone says " I've never seen a wooden ring before ",  "What woods is it made from ",  " Where did you get it"  and " It's so light "  ... I get to act as though I actually knew something about woods and describe the uniqueness of the ring and the off-the grid-couple that makes rings.  Thanks!!
Hawaiian Koa and Greyed maple wood ring
black walnut wood ring yin yang
What folks tell us about our service and our wooden rings is truly heartwarming.

Communicating with, and getting to know folks who come to us for their rings is what makes this such rewarding work.  Our tremendous thanks to each of you for your participation in designing your rings, for sharing your excitement and your dreams with us and, for your generous praise.  Our goal is to have you happy with your rings. Our pleasure is in getting to know you. 

Below are some excerpts of letters from our wood ring community. You'll find more comments throughout our website as well as on our Warmth of Wood blog.
My boyfriend - oops, fiance! - recently proposed to me with one of your beautiful rings, and I am ecstatic!  His proposal brought tears to my eyes.  It was the most perfectly romantic thing I could ever have imagined, and knowing how much thought he put into the ring made it even more special.  It feels like it was made for my hand.  It is so comfortable and light, and the colors of the finished woods make it look like it is glowing.  This ring means so much more to me than any store-bought diamond ring could have.  Thank you for working with his design and creating such a gorgeous piece of organic art.  I have had so many compliments about it already! As an aside, I've been pleasantly surprised by how durable the ring is - I'm naturally quite clumsy and have managed to slam my left hand directly into several walls, with no visible damage to the ring (yay!).  Thank you both so much for the work you put into both building the ring *and* taking care of my fiance - I know he was a bit nervous about the whole event, and he said that you were terribly nice and accommodating throughout the process.
wooden engagement ring
Individually custom designed, meticulously hand crafted wooden rings by
British Columbia artist and craftsman David Finch. 
Touch Wood Rings
Touch Wood Rings ~ Your Comments
They're beautiful and perfect - and fit like a glove... well, like perfect rings should:)  They really fit great!  David you did a wonderful job on them, we've really enjoyed working with you both very much.  We didn't want to have to put them away, but it isn't too long now until we can wear them all the time! 

The rings are magnificent.  Thank you two very much.  I've already put mine on several times and it just brings a smile to my face.  Thanks again.  These are absolutely perfect, I know she will love them! These rings mean more to us than anything made from precious metal and diamonds.

She said YES!!!  I could have sang!!! She loves the ring.  You should have seen her eyes light the room when she looked at it on her hand and felt how much effort and care went into making it just for her.  She loves the design and the woods and I always catch her staring at it (When I don't, she likes to remind me that she's looking at it...).  I will never forget how wonderful and patient you both were during this nerve-wracking process, and I will always point the people I meet in your direction if they find themselves looking for something that has a little more meaning than another mass-produced bauble.  I know my fiancee feels the same way, and I hear her telling everyone about the ring, even if they don't ask (although that almost never happens.).  Thank you for helping me make that day the happiest day of my life!

I got my ring today... It's amazing to see the real thing after just seeing pictures of it. It's a piece of such delicate craftsmanship. When you see the real size it's even more impressive that David can make these. We both think it's gorgeous. I love the different grains of the three woods and the contrasting colors. And even more I love that I can wear it with a clear conscience about the environment. I'm using it to replace my gold wedding ring.  Thank you for also taking the time to answer all of my questions about your home and life. I admire you for doing as much as you can to live within the natural ecosystem. You've been absolutely wonderful to work with. I can't wait for people to ask about my ring so that I can tell them about you and about why I like wearing wood. And it's neat to know that there's no other ring in the whole world like mine! Thank you so much! I'll keep in touch.

We recieved our rings today and we wanted to let you know that they are beautiful! Both of them fit perfectly and they are exactly what we wanted. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to have quality wooden wedding bands and thanks for working with us along the way. We'll be sending you a wedding picture (with our rings on) as soon as we get back. Thanks and good luck with all you are doing.

I'm absolutely blown away, the ring is beautiful.  I was completely spell bound by this wonderful piece of art - time simply stopped. Your photos do not do it justice, I love it. I was never really sure what the final ring would look like but it's exceeded my wildest expectations. Thank you again.  God bless you marvellous people!

Our rings arrived today, and we will exchange them this evening, they are more stunning in real life than on the internet, and they are beautiful on the internet! I am amazed at the delicate workmanship and the beauty. I was tearful when I first saw and felt them, they so capture the love of the outdoors that we share, and which has bonded us together, thank you so very much,  best wishes, and keep up the heavenly life that you have created for one another. 

In the photos you sent us, the rings looked exactly as I had imagined them, so I was really happy with them.  But now that they've arrived and we can actually touch, hold and wear them, we are even more thrilled - if we ever had any doubts about going for wood (we didn't), they would all be gone.  The rings are absolutely beautiful - far more delicate than I could ever have imagined.  Pat loves that he can barely tell that his ring is on his finger.we love the rings, thanks for all your work and caring !

The ring is absolutely gorgeous!!  It's even prettier than in the pictures that you sent.  I am amazed at how "delicate" and intricate it looks yet how durable it is.
greyed maple and zebra wood ring
greyed maple ring with koa band
walnut greyed maple and zebra wood ring
koa wood and oak wood rings
juniper heart wood rings
greyed maple and koa wood rings
koa wood ring with spiraled bands
Our rings fit perfectly and are even prettier than we thought they'd be. They are so light and comfortable and simply perfect. Thank YOU so much for sharing your gifts and being such sweet people. We have told many people about your work and everyone who has checked out your website has been totally impressed. It has been so wonderful to work with you and again, we greatly appreciate, admire, and respect the way you live and the energies you return to this earth. So, thank you, and good wishes to you always.
koa and juniper heartwood rings
koa and juniper heart wood rings
Nicola and David,  Just letting you know that all went well in San Francisco.  I proposed on the Golden Gate Bridge and she said, "Yes".  She also loved the ring.  It fit her perfectly which was a surprise since it was so small.  It looks great on her and suits her personality perfectly.  I want to thank both of you for your kindness and the work and talent put into the ring.  It will be a keepsake for our future and your help will not be forgotten.  Thanks again.
Koa wood ring with a juniper heart wood braid
WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE OUR RINGS!!!!!!!  You did such a beautiful job and we feel so fortunate to have rings that are so unique, so lovely, and so sustainable.  Thank you ever so kindly for being you and doing the work that you do.  We feel that energy in our rings and that makes them even more special!  Big Hugs
oak and koa wood rings
I wanted to say again how much we treasure our rings.  And I don’t know if it’s just that I’m not use to wearing a ring or it’s the ring itself but even after the first few days, if I wasn’t wearing it I could actually feel its presence missing.  I like to think that the type of wood and David’s craftsmanship are the reasons for the sensation…Thanks again for being so helpful through the whole process!
classic koa wood rings
Ulla and Michael's Touch Wood Wedding Rings
A summer flower from the forest where Touch Wood Rings are created