Caring for your Touch Wood Ring

Your Touch Wood Ring is very strong and meticulously hand crafted.  It is however a ring made entirely of wood and it will require gentleness and maintenance.  

  • We recommend that folks have their rings for four weeks before beginning to wear them.   Your ring is brand new and will have just changed climates from our place to yours.  For these first weeks after you've received your ring; the ring and the finish will continue to cure and harden. (It's important to factor this acclimation time in to your planning when commissioning a Touch Wood Ring.)
  • If you find your ring tight when your hands are warm or due to swelling in your fingers, be careful not to remove your ring using your fingernails.  Run your hand under cold water. Using a little bit of soap, gently work the ring off your finger, then dry your ring.
  • Once cured and acclimated, the finish on your ring is water resistant but not waterproof. Dry your ring if it gets wet.  As a rule; it's best not to wear your ring for showering, bathing, swimming or dishwashing although a quick hand wash is quite acceptable.   Common sense stuff.
  • Much more important than simply getting your ring wet ~ which is fine with plain water, is to avoid exposure to antibacterial wipes or soaps, sprays, cleaners, perfumes or harsh substances like isopropyl alcohol, mosquito repellent, sunscreen or hair products.  Also be careful of 'natural' and 'organic' cleaning and personal care products.  For example; an essential oil in a seemingly benign 'natural or organic' product could damage finish.
  • The finish protects your ring from ultraviolet light and rapid changes in temperature. This being said, don't leave your ring on a car dash or windowsill or anywhere it will be subject to temperature extremes.
  • Especially, do not wear your ring in rubber gloves or in conditions where it is subjected to constant moisture.
  • When the finish on your ring shows wear, it can easily be touched up or completely refinished.  Please be sure to tend to any abrasions right away or the wood may absorb moisture and damage the ring.  
  • We're always here and at your service ~  contact us any time you have a question about caring for your ring.
                                                       Thanks so much ~ David and Nicola

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Individually custom designed, meticulously hand crafted wooden rings by British Columbia artist and craftsman David Finch.  Touch Wood Rings.  From Canada.  1999 - 2015

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