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Pondering the spirit of trees and woods; their lessons and their gifts. 
An ancient Spruce on our land - photo by David Finch  09/2005  Wooden rings from Touch Wood
Trees of every description have carved themselves into our mythologies in an enduring way. 

Many of the folks we create wooden rings for choose a particular wood mindful of it's mythic or spiritual properties.  

We've provided some information here just as a guide.  
Native American teachings speak of trees as 'The Standing People'.
These Native teachings speak of the special lessons and gifts each Standing Person has to give humankind.  

Birch gives the essence of truth.  It is considered the 'giving tree'.

Walnut teaches us clarity and  focus, using our mental gifts wisely and how to best use our intelligence.

Oak teaches us strength of character and how to keep our bodies strong and healthy.

Cherry teaches us the lessons of clearing the pain of the heart and relating to others in a compassionate manner.  Cherry is the tree of the heart.

Pine is the tree of peace.

Ash is peace of mind and promotes good health.

Maple is the tree of offering, giving of one's self so that others may benefit.

Arbutus (aka Madrone/a) amongst all the trees of the Pacific northwest, the Arbutus or Madrone Tree holds the title of most sacred tree to the original inhabitants of this vast region.  In the legend of the great flood, the Salish First Nation describe how the Madrona tree provided an anchor for their canoes to hold steady and not drift away. On the British Columbia West Coast, the Salish Nation also honours the Arbutus Tree as their Tree of Knowledge because it knows how to find the sun.  (source)

In Druid and Celtic mythologies Birch is valued as the tree of inception and beginnings.  Birch is also a wood with great powers to purify and discipline. Birch is about new beginnings, fresh starts, creativity, procreation renewal and rebirth, purification and service.  Birch is associated with the element of water. It is a tree of the sun and the planet Venus.  It's herbal gender is feminine.  Birch is considered to be a Goddess tree, the symbol of summer ever-returning.

Walnut holds the powers of the breath, teleportation, astral travel, and inspiration. Symbolic of confidence and mental wisdom.  Black Walnut wood has medicinal properties that are useful in the prevention and treatment of disease. 

Juniper (and Juniper Heart Wood which is simply the heart wood of the juniper tree) holds powers of  protection, strength, healing, health, peace and love.  Juniper is connected to good health and banishing anything injurious to health. Juniper is associated with Jupiter and the element of fire.   Juniper is a symbol of longevity. In the language of flowers Juniper symbolizes perfect loveliness.  In Ireland, the Juniper is called IUBHAR CREIGE "Yew of the rocks".  The fine-grained, pinkish red to brownish red heartwood is fragrant, very light and very durable, even in contact with soil. 

                                            The tree our Juniper Heartwood branches come from ...

Maple is somewhat rebellious and tough.  It holds the qualities of creation, communication, binding, revolution, rebirth, healing, beauty, art, and abundance.  Full of imagination and originality.   Maple is a traveler's wood.  Those who are always on the move and changing will feel right at home with this type of energy.  It enhances intellectual pursuits and learning.

Oak is one of the most sacred trees. It carries the energy of kingship and wise rule, personal sovereignty, authority, power, protection, sealing or opening doors, endurance, and invocation of wisdom, fertility, and abundance.   

Cherry  is imbued with the powers of making and doing, achievement, and self-assertion over obstacles and critics. It is the pure energy of will and desire. The cherry fruit is magically linked to the root chakra and so to sex and birth: the life force of attraction and renewal.

Ash carries the qualities of ambition, trustworthiness, faithfulness. 

Beech  holds the power of the creative.  It is also about leadership and companionship. 

Olive offers insight, inspiration, and aids communication.

Willow is a tree of emotion, love, intuition, and poetic inspiration.

Spruce  The spirit of the spruce tree holds great knowledge about healing, especially in relation to the metaphysical causes of disease. Its spirit is gentle. It is not unusual for those who attune to the spirit of spruce to find that there follows an increase in animals within that environment.  

Hawaiian Koa is a sacred wood used for centuries to build canoes, ceremonial bowls, musical instruments, tools and utensils.  It has come to represent integrity and strength, sensitivity and protection.  The energy associated with the masculine aspects of this wood are duality and balance.   Koa in its feminine aspect brings a fiery energy with creativity, beauty, and wisdom and strength.  

Rosewood  has compassionate and lovingheart qualities.  The energy of rosewood is primarily feminine, and focused on spiritual, intuitive health and beauty.  It is spiritual and nourishing.   Rosewood is especially effective in spiritual healing.  In matters dealing with beauty, rosewood can be very effective.  Carried or worn as a charm, this wood will enhance female beauty and feminine grace.  Frivolous energies will not be enhanced by this wood.

Purpleheart is a spiritual wood.  It enhances energy dealing with creativity and knowledge.  One of the best woods when dealing with spiritual healing and health issues, purpleheart would be especially useful in eradicating the negative energies that create strife in the home.

Eucalyptus is one of the strongest healing woods known.  It has been used for medicines for centuries as well as for ritual items pertaining to healing.  The energy of this wood is good and pure, clean like the earth from which it is born.  This wood is highly recommended for any purpose combating illness or promoting good health.

Grenadilla or African Blackwood is often mistaken for ebony, since it is such a uniform black color.  However, African Blackwood is not part of the ebony family.  Rather, it is a part of the rosewood family, and the black color is actually an extremely deep purple.  This wood is strongly aligned with the energy of Saturn.  It acts as a conduit between the physical and spiritual realms. African Blackwood is useful for exacting creative and intellectual changes in life and removing communication barriers.

Mahogany  Spiritual growth and guidance are Mahogany's primary properties.  It is an excellent wood for  emotional and spiritual healing though since it is a brittle wood is best used as a band on a ring rather than as a main wood.

Zebrawood   The primary associations of this wood are the moon, love, luck, wisdom, creativity, and beauty.

Birch Bark  . . . since the dawn of human kind, birch bark has been highly valued and utilized for all manner of things of benefit to us 'two legged's'.... It is after all, the bark of  the giving tree.  The birch bark David uses to create his braided birch bark inlays is lovingly collected from the ground around where we live.  

"Birch wood is a very important commercial tree for the paper industry, however, birch bark is currently a waste product.  Nearly 50 tons of birch bark are burned daily in the average paper mill."   (source  'Birch and Birch Bark' by Pavel Krasutsky, Natural Resources Research Institute, University of Minnesota-Duluth
Natural birch bark - photo by Nicola Finch
Birch wood
Blue Spruce
Juniper or Mountain Yew
Hawaiian Koa Wood
Hawaiian Koa Wood
Bird's Eye Maple
Oak with natural knot
Honey toned black walnut
Zebra wood
Braided birch bark
Braided Birch Bark
Dark Birch Bark
Birch bark with distinctive birchbark markings
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Wooden Rings. Touch Wood Rings
juniper heartwood
Individually custom designed, meticulously hand crafted wooden rings by British Columbia artist and craftsman David Finch; pioneer of the bent wood ring.  
Touch Wood Rings.  From Canada.  
We have sourced some of our notes on the qualities of woods from Alferian's website
www.bardwood.com  with his permission & our thanks.  We encourage you to visit this master wand-maker's website. His discussions on his hand crafted Druid wands and the magickal qualities of trees and woods are the best I have found.
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grenadilla, african black wood
Rose wood
see a larger image of this braided wood ring
purple heart wood
Italian Olive Wood Rings
birds eye maple
ancient New Zealand Kauri Wood
African Pink Ivory Wood
Two recent examples of Men's Wooden Rings; A Black Walnut Wood RIng with Greyed Maple and a full moon inlay of clients stone (split ring design).  On the right is a Cherry wood ring with a Juniper heartwood inlay.
Touch Wood Rings. Cherry with Juniper heartwood inlay.
Man's Touch Wood Ring.  Walnut wood with Greyed Maple and a full moon inlay on split ring design