Tapered Oak Wood ring featuring a natural oak knot
Touch Wood Rings ~ getting started
Our mailing address:

PO Box 4744
Williams Lake
British Columbia
Canada V2G 2V7

 We do not have phone service at our home since we live quite a distance from 'civilization' and rely on solar powered satellite internet for our communications.  We are only able to check for phone messages on our infrequent trips to town.

We are however, usually online ~ and at your service by email. I will do my utmost to respond to your email  quickly but our remote lifestyle in the Cariboo Chilcotin is labour intensive at the best of times so I may be a few days getting back to you. Please bear with us and thanks for your patience.

If you haven't already; you might first enjoy browsing our three galleries of  wooden rings; Gallery 1, Gallery 2 and our Stone inlay Gallery, as well as our Wood Ring blog.  

If you see a ring design or woods you particularly like; that's a good starting point.  We will be happy to work with you on a completely original design too.  

Our website will likely answer many of your questions and feel welcome to ask us any questions you have not found an answer to ~ we're here to help.

We prefer the personal touch so you won't find buttons to click or forms to fill in.  It's just the two of us here and the things we create ~ we ask that you contact us by email and we'll go from there.  When you send us an email, we will always answer, although during our very busy times there may be a bit of a wait. 

Your first email can be just a quick note expressing your interest in designing a wood ring.  It is helpful to know where you are writing from and what your timeframe is.   

Once you have made the decision to have David create a ring for you, I will ask you to provide some basic information.  Your name, email address and mailing address as well as a contact phone number for shipping purposes are required to confirm your order.  Your personal information is for our records only.  We do not share this information with anyone, ever.

We don't ask for a deposit or downpayment.  We prefer to work the old fashioned way ~ on trust and with a virtual handshake.  We simply request a confirmation on the final work order.   Later in the month we will email some ‘work in progress’ photographs as well as a link to your paypal invoice, details of shipping and of course final photographs of your rings.  We ask that we receive payment for your rings before we ship. 

To assist in the initial decision making process regarding the design and style of your wood ring, please visit our more detailed Decisions page.  Thanks!
The email address we publish on our website for initial contact is one we use as a spam filter.
When you contact us by email for the first time, please put 'touch wood' or 'wood rings' in the subject line to assist us in sorting your real mail from all the rest. 
When we respond to your message it will come from our 'onearth' email address.
Thanks very much!
Contact Nicola & David Finch,  Box 4744, Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada V2G2V7  Email: nicola@touchwoodrings.com
Wooden Rings from Touch Wood Rings
Wood Rings. Individually custom designed, meticulously hand crafted wooden rings by British Columbia artist and craftsman David Finch.  Touch Wood Rings.  From Canada. 
Where Touch Wood Rings are created
Hawaiian Koa wood ring with inlaid Lava Rock
Where Touch Wood Rings are created