TOUCH WOOD RINGS - Wear the warmth of wood.
Wooden rings with single inlaid spiraled bands
Touch Wood Rings
Folks have designed quite a range of wooden rings with single spiraled inlays.  Here are some examples of single wood rings with contrasting spiraled bands. 
Wood Rings. Individually custom designed, meticulously hand crafted wooden rings by British Columbia artist and craftsman David Finch.  Touch Wood Rings.  From Canada.
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dark koa wood ring with clear juniper spiraled band
purple heart wood ring with a clear juniper spiraled band
Golden toned koa wood rings with spiraled greyed maple bands
Dark koa wood and beech wood rings
To the left; Golden Koa with single spiraled bands. Above; dark koa with a clear juniper spiral.  Below; Purple heart wood ring with a clear juniper spiral and bottom left rings are beech and dark koa.