4 Juniper Heart
Wood Rings

Created with wood from our brother's property in the Similkameen Valley.  An amazing variety of grains and knots and gradient colour can be found in this Juniper heartwood! 
Juniper Heart Wood Ring
Touch Wood Rings
Juniper heart wood ring by David Finch, Touch Wood Rings

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Wood Rings. Individually custom designed, meticulously hand crafted wooden rings by British Columbia artist and craftsman David Finch.  Touch Wood Rings.  From Canada.
her size 6.25 ring tapered 6mm to 4mm, his size 9 ring tapered 7mm to 6 mm
Top photo ~ Juniper heart wood custom designed as wedding rings for an Australian couple.  Her size 6.25 ring was tapered 6mm to 4mm, his size 9 ring was tapered 7mm to 6 mm.  The single ring below is a size 12.5, it is 11mm wide tapered to 7mm and is 1.5mm thick.
juniper heartwood ring with greyed maple liner 3mm wide
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