The Woods we Use

Some of the wood we use is from blow down and bug killed trees on our 48 acre homestead. We take the stewardship of our land and the health of the planet very seriously.  

We've collected our birch bark from the ground around stands of birch trees in the bush.   Our juniper heart wood, cherry & olive wood come to us from a family orchard in the Similkameen Valley of British Columbia.  Some of the other woods that do not come from our land are surplus and scrap woods from wood shops and  factories where it would otherwise be trash.  Folks send us woods too, from their own orchards and properties.  Additionally, we use a such a tiny bit of wood to create a ring that we couldn't use up a tree in a lifetime of making wooden rings.   We are always striving to lighten the load on our planet.  


Each ring David creates is an original custom design.  Painstakingly and individually crafted to your specifications; your wooden ring is hand made for you and hand finished to perfection. David pioneered the bent wood method of crafting a wood ring over a decade ago.

Your touch wood ring will last for many years. It could last generations depending on how it is worn and treated. David's rings don't break (not without taking a hammer to them).   Touch Wood Rings are extremely durable but damage can happen when a ring is subjected to things we warn against.    

A wooden ring, just like a kitchen table, a hardwood floor or a well played guitar can get beaten up over time.  Again, it depends on how you treat it and what you expose it to. Your ring will take on the patina of age, something like a handle of a favourite tool. We ask that you read about Caring for your Touch Wood Ring.   Your wood ring will lose it's finish eventually, and like anything made of wood, it can easily be refinished.  In most cases your Touch Wood Ring can also be re-sized.

Glues and Finishes

We use a waterproof, vegan glue. The finish David prefers is water resistant and protects your ring from ultraviolet light and rapid changes in temperature.  Other finishes such as oils and waxes do not bring out the grains and colours in the wood the way our preferred finish does, nor is the ring as well protected. 

Safety and Allergies

According to Dermatologist Dr Charles Morton (from an interview on the CBC radio program; Quirks and Quarks); "One out of five women is allergic to nickel which is the alloy found in almost all metal rings including gold."  A wooden ring may be the  answer when a dermatologist tells you that you just can't wear jewelry.  

Carpenters and others who work with power tools can safely wear a wood ring.  A wooden ring that accidentally comes into contact with a piece of machinery might actually protect you finger rather than taking it and half your arm off.   We've asked a few doctors about their experiences with accidents involving metal rings - they've all seen some terrible things.   Wearing a wood ring will also save you from the dreadful consequences of electrical accidents involving metal rings.
wood ring width and tapering
wood ring thickness
Width and tapering...

We consider anything 6mm or more to be a wide ring and at this width we encourage you to consider a taper on your ring.  It will protect your wood ring from damage on the inside of your hand where it comes into contact with heavy objects, door handles and stair rails...  You will also find it more comfortable.  A gentle taper on a ring does not affect the look of wide ring.

A thin wooden ring is not less durable or less strong (within reason).  If you like a more substantial ring you can request a thicker ring. 
Designing a ring from your own wood.

If you want to pursue having a ring made of your own wood,  you need to know that it adds to David's work and that would be reflected in the price of the ring.  Your wood will have to be processed  and prepared before David can tell if it would make a good solid ring.  It isn't a fast process but it can make a wood ring extra special.  Drop us a line and let us know what your ideas are.

Refinishing your wood ring.

When the finish on your ring begins to show signs of wear, it's time to touch it up.  We will provide you with detailed instructions to 'do it yourself' or you may send the ring back to us to have it refinished for a small fee and the cost of shipping.  We're always here and always at your service!

Other Questions? 

Please ask!  Email Nicola at
Touch Wood Rings ~ Frequently Asked Questions
About Design
The markings on our wooden rings are the naturally occurring grains in the wood enhanced only by the skill of David's craftsmanship and without any use of stains or dyes.   Every ring is a one of a kind creation, every piece of wood is an individual fingerprint from nature.
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