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Our commitment to you is your complete satisfaction; no if's, ands or buts.
We stand behind our work, always.

Your Privacy & Security

We will never share, sell, trade or give your personal information to anyone. The information we do ask you for; your name, email address, mailing address and contact phone number is kept strictly confidential.  We do not collect and will not ask for any personal financial information from you.   There is no transmission of data through our web site to be concerned about; personal, financial or otherwise.  You may choose to use our online form for your initial inquiry if you like, but again, the information comes directly to us and we treat it as confidential. We talk with you privately by email, and any financial transactions are handled through PayPal's secure server or by some other means you are comfortable with.  


We are almost always available online and try to respond to your emails within a  few days.  We like to be able to send digital images to you at your email address when we are discussing designs.  Our preference for emails is in html format.  All our outgoing emails are scanned by the latest version of Norton.  If you have a spam filter or automatic junk mail program, please ensure that you put us on your 'allow list' and if you are expecting to hear from us and haven't, please check your filters. It's always a good idea if you can give us two email addresses ~ just in case we run into blocks or returned mail from an email address.

The email address we post on our website ( is our public email address.  When we respond to your emails, our mail will be from our private email address (onearth).  

David and I are English speaking Canadians.  Thanks to this technology, even if we speak a different language to yours, we can still work together.  Google Translate works quite well (

Beginning the process

Due to the demand for David's wood rings and our labour intensive 'off grid' lifestyle we encourage you to contact us as soon as you know you would like a ring and then once we've talked, schedule a date for the creation of your ring, even tentatively.   If you want a ring in a very short time frame, please contact us anyway ~ we may be able to accommodate your request.   When you confirm your time in David's work schedule, you will be given a guaranteed shipping date.  Our shipping dates are generally the end of the first week in a month. Getting the process started is as easy as sending us an email ~ please mention your needed by date and where you are writing from.  

Paying for your Touch Wood Ring

PayPal's format for invoicing and receiving payment is a good option.  We would send your invoice when we send the first work in progress photos of your ring.   We do ask that we receive your full payment before we ship your ring.  The shipping fee is additional to the price we quote for your ring and we'll give you details and options for shipping when we talk with you.      

If you wish to pay with a credit card, you do not need to open a PayPal account and can still use PayPal's secure website to make payment.    Bank Wire Transfers are another secure form of payment ~ although this tends to be expensive.  From our Canadian clients, we will also gladly accept an Email Money Transfer through online banking ~ it's another secure option.  We'll discuss these details with you so you can decide which works best for you.   


We ship anywhere you are in the world via Canada Post.  Canada Post offers a range of shipping options from regular small packet air mail to Priority Post Courier.  Tracked packet air mail (about $45 Cdn) is the prefered shipping option for overseas destinations. Xpresspost is an excellent option within North America from $10 to $50 depending on where you are in the world.  It offers guaranteed delivery times, insurance and tracking.  

We are online every day but please be patient if you don't hear back right away. It can sometimes take me a few days or more to get to back to you.   I will always answer your email.   (thanks, Nicola)

And please, tell your friends about us because wearing a Touch Wood Ring is 
" Better for the planet and good for the soul."
Touch Wood Rings ~ Your rings and our promise

touch wood rings
wooden ring of maple and oak
wooden ring made of koa wood and greyed maple
Rose wood Ring with golden koa and maple
juniper heart wood rings

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Wood Rings. Individually custom designed and meticulously hand crafted wooden rings 
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Touch Wood Rings, Inc.  From Canada.  

Wide tapered Hawaiian Koa Ring with a Juniper heartwood liner
Bethlehem Olive Wood Rings
Purpleheart Wood Ring with Bethlehem Olive wood inlay
Custom and hand crafted Wooden Ring by Touch Wood Rings
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