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Getting Started - How to start the process of designing your custom wood rings.

Gallery 1 of Wooden Rings

Gallery 2, Touch Wood Rings

Gallery 3, Stone and Shell Inlay Gallery. Touch Wood Rings

Individual Gallery Pages of Custom made Wood Rings

A Juniper heart wood wedding bands

   B  Black Wood Rings

C  Oak wood Rings with featured Oak Knots

D  Purpleheart wood rings

E  Wooden rings with Inlaid bands

F Black Walnut Wood Wedding Rings

G Wood Rings (Creating Rings from your own Wood)

H Birds Eye Maple Wood Wedding Rings

I Koa Wood Ring with inset Greyed Maple Band

J Rose wood rings

K Koa and Zebra Wood Ring

L Juniper heart wood banded Wedding Rings

M Braided Birch Bark rings

N Birch Wood Ring with Walnut wood band

O Hawaiian Koa Wood Ring

P Mahogany Ring with Birch Wood liner

Q Koa Wood and Greyed Maple Wood Rings

R Zebra Wood Rings

S Black Walnut and Juniper heart wood rings

T Black Walnut Wooden Rings

U Birds Eye and greyed Maple Wood Rings

V Cross Spiraled Inlays

W Juniper heartwood, blackwood liners

X Purple heartwood Ring

Y Koa Wood and Bamboo Ring

Z Purple heart wood Ring with inlays

Aa Koa and Greyed Maple Rings with offset bands

Ab Koa and Oak Wood Pinkie Rings

Ac Cherry Wood Ring with ash and maple bands

Ad  Koa and Juniper wood ring

Ae Oak knot rings and a cherry liner

Af Greyed Maple + Koa wood ring with maple liner

Ag  Classic, elegant Touch Wood Bands

  Ah  Koa and Maple Wood Ring

Ai Koa, Birch Wood & Zebra Wood Engagement ring

Aj  Walnut, Greyed Maple and Koa Wood Ring

Ak Russian Olive Wood Ring

Al Bethlehem Olive Wood Rings

Am  Wooden Wedding & Engagement ring set

An  Koa Wood, Juniper heartwood and willow ring

Ao  Juniper Heart wood ring

Ap  Juniper heart wood wedding rings Ap.html

Aq  Black Walnut wood Ring, Yin Yang design

Ar  Koa wood engagement ring

As  Koa wood ring featuring a bamboo band

At  Wooden rings with stone inlays

Au  Wooden rings with single spiraled inlaid bands

Av  Greyed Maple wood rings, zebra wood inlaid bands

Aw  Eucalyptus ring with greyed maple band

Ax  Birch Bark Ring

Ay  Knotted Oak & greyed maple wood rings

Ba  Man's juniper heart wood banded ring

Bb  Walnut, gr maple and birds eye maple ring

Bc  Black wood ring with  lapis inlay

Bd  Juniper heart wood knot ring

Be  Walnut, greyed maple and zebra wood ring

Decisions about your wooden rings

Choosing wood for your wood ring ~ the mythic and spiritual qualities of woods

Comparing and combining woods for your Wooden Ring

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Frequently Asked Questions about our Wood Rings

How to Care for your Touch Wood Ring

What Folks Say about their Touch Wood Rings and our service

About Us - David and Nicola Finch


Love Poems and inscription ideas for your Wood Rings

About Trees - Quotes and sayings about Trees

How to make a ring  Make an Origami Peace ring, make a traditional birch bark ring, make a dollar bill ring

Touch Wood, Knock on Wood - Why do we do that?

A random slide show of life on the meadow.

Meadow Moments  - more photos of life on the meadow

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