We've put together this gallery of Touch Wood Rings to give you an organic feel for how a particular wood looks when incorporated into a design.

Every tiny piece of wood is like a fingerprint from nature; completely unique and unrepeatable.  That is after all, what the beauty of wood is all about and why you might be considering a custom made Touch Wood Ring.  

As you are designing and choosing woods ~ please, feel welcome to discuss your ideas with us!  We're always here and happy to help.

Your descriptions and some examples of what you like from our galleries will guide David in choosing the perfect piece of wood for your design.  For more design ideas, browse our galleries and our Facebook page.
Selecting woods for your custom made Touch Wood Ring 
~ Comparing and combining woods ~
Sacred Hawaiian Wood Rings
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Browsing our galleries is a great way to see how different woods look when combined in a ring.  Our Warmth of Wood Blog also showcases lots of examples of custom designed Touch Wood Rings as well as letters and photos from our Touch Wood friends.
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Wood Rings. Individually custom designed, meticulously hand crafted steam-bent wooden rings;
Pioneered by British Columbia artist and craftsman David Finch.  
Touch Wood Rings.  From Canada.  
APPLE wood ring with Braided Birch Bark inlay. From the Similkameen Valley of British Columbia.
Australian Alpine ASH.  (the interior liner is Australian Red Gum)  This wood ring features a one of a kind natural knot in the ASH.
North American ASH is the interior liner of this ring as are the two narrow bands on the wide rosewood inlay.  The primary wood of this Touch Wood Ring is Cherry.
ASH.  The narrow little wood ring on the left is North American ASH with a cherry liner.  The wooden ring on the right is Greyed Maple, cherry liner, and rosewood with crossed spiraled inlays of ASH.
Grayed Maple wood rings with AUSTRALIAN BLACKWOOD liners and inlays
BAMBOO and Hawaiian Koa wood rings.
Birds Eye Maple and BEECH wood rings
BETHLEHEM OLIVE WOOD rings, tapered with Pine liners
Koa wood rings with wide BETHLEHEM OLIVE wood exterior inlays
Another Koa Wood Ring design with spiraled BETHLEHEM OLIVE wood inlays and Juniper heartwood liners.
BIRCH.  The interior liner here is Birch wood, the ring is Black Walnut with a wide Lapis Lazuli inlay.
BIRCH.  This is a Birds Eye Maple wood ring with a wide BIRCH center inlay bordered by two narrow black walnut bands.  A good design for seeing the difference between Birds Eye Maple and BIRCH wood.
This a Maple Wood Ring with an inlaid BIRCH BARK braided inlay.
Yukon BIRCH wood ring
This is an Oak Wood ring with a CEDAR inlay.
Canadian CHERRY wood ring with inlaid English Oak band
Tapered CHERRY wood ring with an Oak Double Knot inlay
The darker primary wood in these rings is EUCALYPTUS
The very narrow inlays on this wooden ring bordering the centered Golden Koa inlay are CLEAR JUNIPER WOOD, the interior is Birch.
JUNIPER HEARTWOOD ring with Greyed maple liner and offset inlays of Bamboo
Classic JUNIPER HEARTWOOD Touch Wood Ring
Another view of the previous JUNIPER HEARTWOOD ring.
JUNIPER HEARTWOOD ring with a featured knot and willow interior.  This ring was a size 6,  8mm tapered to 4
Juniper heartwood ring with greyed maple inlay and liner
JUNIPER HEARTWOOD ring with African Blackwood.
Primary wood is Black Walnut, the interior is JUNIPER HEARTWOOD as are the three inlaid bands.
Hawaiian Koa Primary wood with a JUNIPER HEART WOOD liner with a hidden featured knot.
A couples set of JUNIPER HEART WOOD rings from the same piece of wood.  David will always make couples rings from the same piece when a matching set is requested.
The many faces of JUNIPER HEART WOOD : )  The interior of this touch wood ring is Blackwood.
JUNIPER HEARTWOOD RING with a birds eye maple liner.
Sacred Hawaiian Kamani Wood with a Hawaiian Kou Wood center inlay bordered by sand from a beach in Hawaii.
Ancient Kauri Wood Ring
Ancient KAURI, Bethlehem Olive Wood and Birds Eye Maple wood ring
Hawaiian KOA wood ring with an inlay of Purpleheart wood and narrow bordering inlays of bamboo
Hawaiian KOA wood ring, Bethlehem Olive wood inlay and juniper heartwood liner.
Hawaiian KOA wood rings with crossed spiraled inlays
Gently tapered KOA wood ring with golden streaks
MAPLE Ring ~ The liner of this ring is a lovely example of Birds eye MAPLE
Sacred Hawaiian Kou Wood with Hawaiian Kamani Wood center inlay bordered by sand from Hawaii.
MAPLE rings with birch wood liners and stone inlays (Lapis Lazuli and Lava Rock)
MAGNOLIA wood ring with a braided BIRCH BARK inlaid band.
Australian MELALEUCA Wood Ring with Australian Blackwood inlay and Shell Full Moon inlay.
MESQUITE Rings with Coffee Wood liners and inlays of Smoke Bush and Dogwood.
Russian Olive Wood Ring
English OAK ring with cedar inlay
Live OAK wood ring with featured knot
Osage Orange Wood Rings
Bristlecone PINE with Juniper heartwood liners and natural garnet inlays
Irish BOG wood and Huon PINE
Pine killed by the Pine Beetle is often called Blue Pine or Denim Pine because of the grey-blue stain the bug creates in the wood.
Koa ring with PINE liner
Pink Ivory Wood Rings with walnut and a crystal inlay
Canadian PLUM, cherry and english oak rings
Purpleheart Wood Ring
Australian RED GUM ring with malachite inlay and maple liner
ROSEWOOD ring with wide turquoise inlay
Cherry wood rings, SITKA SPRUCE LINERS and found crystal inlay
BLACK WALNUT rings with offset greyed maple inlays on wider ring.
Blackwood, Golden Koa and WILLOW wood rings.  Both rings have WILLOW liners.
Pacific Yew ~ in Celtic mythology Yew is The Tree of Life, Immortality, Rebirth, Protection, Longevity, Change, Divinity and Strength and it's very pretty too.
This list of woods corresponds to the photographs. Photos with descriptions enlarge with a click. 

  • Apple  (BC Similkameen)
  • Alpine Ash  Australian
  • Ash, North American
  • Australian Blackwood 
  • Bamboo 
  • Beech
  • Bethlehem Olive Wood
  • Birch 
  • Birch Bark
  • Cedar 
  • Cherry 
  • Eucalyptus 
  • Juniper
  • Juniper Heartwood 
  • Hawaiian Kamani
  • Ancient Kauri 
  • Curly Koa
  • Hawaiian Koa (dark, medium and almost golden)
  • Hawaiian Kou
  • Maple (Clear) 
  • Curly Maple
  • Greyed Maple 
  • Birds eye Maple  
  • Magnolia
  • Australian Melaluca 
  • Mesquite
  • Olive Wood; Russian
  • Olive Wood;Italian Oak
  • Live Oak
  • Osage Orange 
  • Bristlecone Pine
  • Huon Pine
  • Denim Pine
  • Pink Ivory (African)
  • Plum
  • Purpleheart 
  • Red Gum Australian 
  • Rosewood
  • Sitka Spruce 
  • Black Walnut  
  • Willow 
  • Pacific Yew
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