Black Walnut, Eucalptus interior, Inlaiys of Hawaiian Koa bordered by Greyed Maple End view; Black Walnut ring with eucalyptus interior and three inlaysOak and Cherry Wood Ring with a Birds eye Maple 'Full Moon' inlayRose wood rings with Abalone Shell and Eilat Stone inlays.Touch Wood Rings of Pink Ivory Wood, Black Walnut and Greyed Maple.  Her ring also has a very narrow inlay of quartz crystal.Wide, tapered Black Walnut rings with three inlays of juniper heartwoodAmie and Scott designed their rings with three inlays meeting to symbolize the two of them and their child.Australian Alpine Ash and Red Gum Wood RingsNarrow offset inlays of greyed maple on a black walnut wood ring.Black Walnut, Golden Koa and Juniper heartwood Rings.African Blackwood, oak and purpleheart wood design.Crossed spiral designs with Golden Hawaiian Koa and African Blackwood.Split ring design with Madrone / Arbutus and greyed maple.Tapered wood ring of eucalyptus, greyed maple and zebra wood.Grenadilla (African Blackwood) with a wide inlay of African Pink Ivory wood.Mid toned Hawaiian Koa Wood Rings with Bamboo Interiors.Classic Touch Wood Ring - Hawaiian KoaBolivian Rosewood Ring with Birds Eye maple interior.Dark Koa Wood Ring with Jade inlay.Juniper heartwood ring with a featured knot.Juniper heartwood with featured knot and a classic Rosewood band.Juniper heartwood ring with natural featured knot and a willow interior liner.  Blackwood ring with Ancient Kauri interior.Juniper Heartwood and African Blackwood RingsClassic Juniper Heartwood RingsJuniper heartwood lined with bird's eye maple and inlaid with mother of pearl inlaysSimilkameen Juniper Heartwood Ring with birch inlayTurquoise inlay on Dark Hawaiian Koa Wood with a Juniper heartwood interior.  Magnolia Wood RingOak Wood Rings with greyed Maple inlaysA tapered Blackwood ring with very narrow offset greyed maple inlaysRosewood and Golden Koa with a Lapis Lazuli inlaid band. Blackwood with golden Koa and a Juniper heartwood inlay.Blackwood and Golden Koa Wood RingJuniper heartwood, cherry, birds eye maple inlay with black wood bordersman's tapered Juniper heartwood RingBolivian Rosewood rings with birds eye maple interiors.  Gently concaved.Juniper Heart Wood Rings with Bird's eye Maple inlays and interiors.Black Walnut Wood Rings with golden Koa Wood inlays.Black Walnut ring with a spiraled inlay of maple.Dark Hawaiian Koa Wood Ring with a birch interior.Cherry, Ash and Rosewood Touch Wood RingsJuniper heart wood rings with three spiraled inlays of walnut, birch and greyed maple.Inlaid Pink Cabachon on an African Black Wood RingJuniper Heart Wood Rings with Bethlehem Olive wood inlays bordered by greyed Maple.Hawaiian Koa Wood Rings with spiraled inlays of Bethlehem Olive Wood and Juniper heart wood interiors.Hawaiian Koa, Greyed maple and a Turquoise inlayThe three B's.  Blackwood, Beech and Bolivian Rosewood designs.Rosewood rings with golden koa and a Death Valley Sand inlay.  Bethlehem Olive wood interiors.6mm wide Juniper heartwood ring with a Bamboo interior and a 5mm wide  Rosewood ring with wide Turquoise inlayKrista's Koa wood ring is size 4.5.  It is 10mm with a full taper to 5mm.  Her purple heartwood inlay is 2mm wide bordered by .5 mm inlays of Bamboo.  The inlays are offset 1mm from the edge of the ring. View of the tapered inside of Krista's ring.Black Walnut and Willow Wood Rings for a newly blended family of four. This couple commissioned their Touch Wood Rings for themselves and their children.Zoe's Golden Koa ring is 5mm wide with two separate inlays of Larimar Stone  ~ Jose's walnut ring is 7mm wide with a gentle taper to 6mm David made this ring for his Mum.  It is a Magnolia ring with Ancient Kauri, Apple Wood and African Blackwood inlays.Smaller ring is 4 mm wide birds eye maple wood ring with .5mm wide crossed spiraled inlays of Hawaiian Koa wood.  Koa ring with crossed spiraled inlays of maple is 6mm wide.Her ring (with the 'full moon' stone inlay) is 4mm wide tapered to 3mm.  His ring is 6mm, no taper.  Their rings are black walnut and birds eye maple wood with inlays of their own stones.
Wooden rings for any occasion. Environmentally & Socially responsible Wood Rings - meticulously hand crafted from wood.  An alternative to precious metals and gems.
Touch Wood Galleries display hundreds of David's custom made, hand crafted wooden rings.   Clients from all over the world commission commitment rings, wooden anniversary & promise rings, wood wedding &  engagement rings, wooden friendship rings and rings for handfastings. 



David Finch
Sitka Spruce Wood Ring with a Cedar inlay. Custom design your wooden ring.
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Another Gallery of Wooden Rings by David Finch.  Each Wood Ring is a Custom designed and Commissioned Touch Wood Ring; meticulously crafted by hand.   We hope you will enjoy these folks designs and perhaps imagine your own Touch Wood Ring.  Begin your slide show on any image.
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