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AMETHYST.  Hawaiian Koa wood ring with Amethyst inlay.Blackwood, Rosewood inlay with subtle center inlay of crushed CARNELIANMid toned Koa wood ring with offset inlay of Israeli EILAT stone.  Two inlaid bands of LAVA ROCK from our propertyMaple Wood Rings with Birch Liners and wide stone inlays.  Her ring is LAPIS LAZULI, his is LAVA ROCK.Purpleheart wood ring with a maple wood interior and two inlays of maple bordering a crushed JASPER inlayDark Hawaiian Koa Wood Ring with a crushed JADE inlay.  The JADE is combined with a touch of MALACHITE in this design.5.5 mm wide Koa wood ring with a center inlay of JADE bordered by clear juniper wood.TURQUOISE inlay on a Koa and Greyed Maple wood ringWide TURQUOISE inlay on 5mm Rosewood ringA wide TURQUOISE inlay on this dark Hawaiian Koa wood ring.Rosewood rings with 'Found QUARTZ CRYSTAL' inlaysJuniper heartwood ring with a Willow liner and a spiraled inlay of crushed SERPENTINETapered Koa wood rings with seperated inlays of MALACHITE and AZURITEBristlecone Pine Wood Rings with Juniper heartwood liners and single spiraled inlays of natural GARNETTapered Juniper heartwood ring with a Full Moon inlay of SODALITE stone.  The sodalite is inlaid in a natural knot on the heartwood.PIETERSITE inlays on Black Walnut with Greyed Maple borders.Willow, Bamboo, birch and Purpleheart wood ring with PERIDOT inlaysAnother Hawaiian Koa wood ring with a center inlay of juniper heartwood bordered by clients crushed STONE inlays.Rosewood ring with clients own SAND inlayBlack Walnut Wood Ring with a wide LAPIS LAZULI  inlayA Rosewood ring with a LAPIS LAZULI inlay and a gold toned Hawaiian Koa liner.Walnut and Golden Koa rings with two seperated inlays of crushed STONE.This is not a stone or shell inlay example but rather an example of the Full Moon Inlay. This inlay is birds eye Maple but it can also be crushed stone or shell or ....Rosewood Rings with wide  Birds Eye Maple inlays and an offset and a Full Moon inlay of the clients own STONEBirds Eye maple wood, purple heartwood and SUGALITEKauri wood ring with a Juniper heartwood liner and two spiraled inlays.  The wider inlay is ANDEAN OPAL while the narrower inlay is Clear Maple.The ring on the left is ANDEAN OPAL inlaid in crossed spiraled bands with a full moon inlay of opal at the junction of cross.  MALACHITE inlay on Australian Red Gum with a clear maple linerCrushed PINK GRANITE inlay on Black Walnut Wood Ring.Rosewood rings with (left) mixed inlay of ABALONE SHELL and EILAT  (right) inlaid EILAT stone.Ancient Kauri Wood Ring with ABALONE Inlay and clear Juniper liner.  Juniper heartwood rings with Birds Eye Maple interiors and inlays of MOTHER OF PEARL Black Walnut Ring with Mother of Pearl inlay and Oak lnterior.Pink Ivory Wood Ring with MOTHER OF PEARL inlay bordered by Birch wood and lined with MapleJanuary 2012, Touch Wood Ring commission.  Juniper heartwood ring with crossed spiraled inlays of amethyst and ruby bordered by and lined with Birds Eye Sugar Maple. With a classic Birds Eye Maple Touch Wood RingRosewood Rings with clients own crushed SHELL inlayArbutus Wood Rings with New Zealand PAUA SHELL inlays.  His ring has bordering inlays of Black Walnut.This Black Walnut ring incorporates their own white birch wood a well as a special Tibetan stone, Sage and Sweetgrass for the center inlay.
Metaphysical qualities, legend and lore, and the healing properties of stones and shells are widely written about and better described by those who are passionate about and knowledgeable on the subject.  

Below are 3 links to websites we've found to be interesting and informative.  With gratitude to the folks whose work we are referring you to. Enjoy!

Crystal Cure
Crystal Guide
Gallery 3 showcases forty Touch Wood Rings embellished with inlays of stone, shell, sand, special grasses and dried flowers and even a sentimental sprinkle of coffee grounds from a cafe where love bloomed.

1.  Amethyst

2.  Carnelian 

3.  Eilat 

4.  Lava rock

5.  Lapis and Lava Rock

6.  Jasper

7.  Jade and Malachite

8.  Jade

9-11. Tones of Turquoise

12.  Unakite

13. Found Quartz Crystal

14. Serpentine

15. Malachite and Azurite

16. Natural Garnet

17. Sodalite

18. Pietersite

19. Peridot

20. Found Stone

21. Sand

22 + 23  Lapis Lazuli

24 + 26  Found stone

27. Sugalite

28 + 29  Andean Opal

30. Malachite

31. Pink Granite

32. Abalone + Eilat Stone

33. Abalone

34 - 36  Mother of Pearl

37. Ruby + Amethyst

38  Found Shell

39. Paua Shell

40. Sweetgrass + Sage

Mike included a special Tibetan stone along with crushed sage and sweet grass for the inlay in his engagement ring design; #40 in this gallery.
There are so many possibilities...
Gallery 3
Stone and Shell Inlays

Custom wooden rings with crushed Stone and Shell Inlays
1 - 4
5 - 8
9 - 12
13 - 16
17 - 20
21 - 24
25 - 28
29 - 32
We have a nice selection of stones and shell on hand to use as an element of your design and you are welcome to send your own of course. We are often able to source stones or shells that are not listed here so please ask. 

You'll want to be aware that translucent stones do not translate well when crushed and inlaid on wood.  Most translucent stones turn quite white or cloudy.  As an example Amethyst which is a lovely purple, turned blue/white when inlaid on a Purpleheart wood ring.  The ‘colour’ of translucent crushed stone is also influenced by the colour of the surrounding woods.  For a more solidly coloured purple stone we've found that Sugilite works quite nicely.

Number 25 in this gallery shows a ‘Full Moon’ inlay on a walnut and birds eye maple ring   It’s a pretty inlay option with stone or shell; reminicent of a more traditional metal ring with a single stone.  The best stones for retaining their colours when inlaid on a wood ring are solid stones such as Turquoise, Eilat, Malachite, Jade, Lapis Lazuli.  Abalone and Paua Shell also make pretty inlays.
33 - 36
37 - 40
juniper heartwood ring with natural featured knot
Braided Juniper heartwood inlay on Hawaiian Koa Wood Ring, Touch Wood Rings
Touch Wood Ring, Hawaiian Koa and Juniper heartwood
As you're browsing these lovely stone and shell inlays, don't forget the beauty of wood ~ all on it's own. 
Juniper heart wood ring
with natural featured knot
Hawaiian Koa Wood Ring
with braided Juniper heartwood inlay
Hawaiian Koa Wood Ring
with hidden taper and Juniper heartwood liner
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